The reusables project, is a social enterprise by Help A Girl Out, that aims to promote sustainability and achieve long-term menstrual equity among at-risk individuals.

Did you know? 

  • Reusable pads, not only reduce waste to landfills but also ensure that individuals have consistent access to period products for years at a time, eliminating period poverty sustainably. 
  • 1 in 4 Canadian women have experienced period poverty due to a lack of access to period supplies due to financial or other barriers.
  • After receiving support in the form of disposable period products, low-income recipients usually re-apply for help within a few weeks.
  • Reusables allow continuous access to menstrual care for years at a time & benefit the planet. 

Waste Reduction

  • If 1 person uses an average of 240 pads per year, 20 per cycle, that's roughly 2.4 kg or 5.3 pounds of waste at 10 grams each. 
  • With our main reproductive period being between the ages of 15 & 50, the average person produces over 200 lbs of disposable pad waste in their lifetime. This excludes wrappers, packaging and production waste. 
  • With more than 25% of the world's population of just under 8 billion people of menstruating age, that's at least 2 billion people each year releasing a minimum of 10.6 billion pounds of waste from menstrual products alone per year. 

Sew For Change 

  • The reusables project is a multi-generational, cross-Canada sewing effort, with sewists from almost every province coming together with their families, friends and colleagues to sew reusable cloth pads. 
  • In addition to fighting period poverty, the project aims to reintroduce the seemingly lost art of sewing into the homes of hundreds of Canadians, especially among youth. 
  • We host a variety of menstrual education workshops and teach how to use and care for the pads. 
  • Follow @the_reusables_project on Instagram for updates and events.

Let's Drop the Code Names & End the Stigma.

Collaboration And Volunteering

With distribution across Ontario, Canada and internationally,  we are always seeking new opportunities for collaboration and volunteering. if you are interested in getting involved in our project! 

  • We have hosted pop-up sessions in GTA schools teaching students about menstruation, reusable menstrual products & ways they can make a lasting impact in their community through volunteering with HAGO.

  • We have partnered up with municipal libraries to run frequent sewing classes, free of cost & open to youth who would like to learn how to sew & make an impact!

  • We have delivered 35 workshops to 380+ recipients in the GTA as of Dec 2022.Please visit our social media page for upcoming events & dates!

Support Our Efforts

We know where period poverty needs to be fought. We’re already on the front lines, listening, connecting, and caring. We just need your help fighting it.

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